BVS is the Masters Choice
Optimal decision Support with BVS

StormGeo’s BonVoyage System continues to be the Master's choice for reliability and user friendliness with 6000+ installations and more than two decades of continued development. When combined with our Fleet Decision Support System (FleetDSS), BVS sets up a valuable communication protocol between a vessel and shore-based manager, allowing for the display of not only the actual route track but also the optimised route planned in BVS. StormGeo’s BVS supplies the Master with around-the-clock optimum routing capability and provides the channel which enables enhanced decision support by shore-based operators.



“We have higher satisfaction among our charterers because they see our vessels running on an optimum track, saving fuel and staying on schedule. I would definitely recommend the Bon Voyage software to other companies.”
Ortwin Mühr, Head of Nautical Department Offen Group


Extending the Bridge with BVS – System Compatibility

There has been a continuous increase in integration with the most popular ECDIS systems formats as well as planning and navigation systems. Now available in Voyager Hub and integrated with Voyager Planning Station, software updates, bug fixes and route file track handling between Voyager Planning Station (ENC) and BVS have never been easier.

Tropical Storm Track – Ensemble probability

Developed by StormGeo’s Tropics Watch team in Houston, TX, an ensemble of 91 model runs (ECMWF, GFS and the CMC) are used to provide a 7-day outlook of Tropical Storm Track probability. The result is an objective estimate of where a Tropical Storm is likely to track — a considerable improvement upon the traditional ‘cone of uncertainty.’

Having an objective means to evaluate the likely track of Tropical Cyclones is invaluable for tactical, safety-critical navigational decisions. StormGeo’s TC Probability is an advanced tool to understand the likely path of tropical cyclones days in advance. This is possible only thanks to ensemble weather forecasting, a technique that evaluates probability basis 91 individual model runs. With our new technology, the Master onboard has the information to make better decisions in the face of what can be difficult and complex forecast information

Image depicts

  • 10% probability the Tropical Cyclone track will pass within 125 miles from the purple dot
  • 50% probability the Tropical Cyclone track will pass within 125 miles from the yellow dot.


“BVS is a helpful tool in route planning and in enhancing a ship’s safety, by avoiding bad weather conditions. In the midst of fluctuating oil prices, BVS is a big aid in saving bunkers.”
Capt. Chou Chi Tang, U-Ming Marine Transport Corporation

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StormGeo is a global provider of advanced analytics and meteorological services delivering decision support for weather sensitive operations. Since its inception StormGeo has analyzed petabytes of data, transforming it into actionable decision guidance to help our customers manage risk and operations, control costs and increase revenue.

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