BVS 8 is the latest version of StormGeo/AWT’s globally successful Bon Voyage System, which puts voyage planning in the hands of the captain to enable the safest, most fuel-efficient route to be planned and maintained.

BVS 8 optimizes voyages and confirms navigational safety by integrating environmental and vessel data, providing the real-time data that both captains and onshore managers need to make quick, informed decisions.


“We have higher satisfaction among our charterers because they see our vessels running on an optimum track, saving fuel and staying on schedule. I would definitely recommend the Bon Voyage software to other companies.”
Ortwin Mühr, Head of Nautical Department Offen Group



“BVS is a helpful tool in route planning and in enhancing a ship’s safety, by avoiding bad weather conditions. In the midst of fluctuating oil prices, BVS is a big aid in saving bunkers.”
Capt. Chou Chi Tang, U-Ming Marine Transport Corporation

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